Why leaders must understand the potential IMPACTS of their actions?

Unfortunately, too many people tend to judge leaders solely on current conditions. But, in most cases, this is due to something that was done or avoided by an earlier individual. Perhaps the greatest challenge is finding true leaders who are ready, willing, capable, and able serve and represent. After almost four decades of direct experience, including training, developing, consulting, and diagnosing thousands of potential and actual leaders, as well serving as a leader in many cases, I have come to realize that many so-called leaders place more emphasis on being liked and popular than on pursuing the best strategic or action planning. This is to ensure that the group has the best chance to move forward in the most sustainable and relevant manner. For true leadership to be effective, a leader must comprehend and perceive all the ramifications, IMPACTS,. With this in mind, we will be briefly reviewing, examining, and reviewing the mnemonic approach. It will also explain why this matters.

Integrity; ideals/ideas; ideas, insights; imagination, innovate:Quality leaders Reza Satchu start with absolute integrity. They must be perceived as such by all those they serve. Individual ideals must align with the group’s core ideology. The person with an open mind and the ability to see the best options, develops the best insights and is able bring forth the best ideas. It takes a creative imagination to be open, willing, able and capable of innovating when necessary.