Prophetic message for African American Christian Christians

The Lord revealed His divine purpose to the African American population. Susan Castell wrote me an article that was shocking. Her prophetic words to me about African American believers were identical to what the Lord had revealed in my heart. She wrote: “You are in this land at such an hour.” It is time for you to let go of the burdens of racial hatred and unforgiveness. It’s time to let go of the past, and to look forward to what lies ahead. You have the opportunity to rise up now and seek me out for your divine destiny.

America’s growth and survival are your responsibility. This is just as Joseph and ancient Egypt were dependent upon you. Joseph was sold to his brothers and made slave. It is time to accept My plan. I will allow me to give birth the heart and the attitude of Joseph, who was capable forgiven by his brothers and all those who took him into slavery or imprisoned. It is now that My Son can accept the cross and become a great blessing in the land where you are imprisoned.

Even though the man appears to have succeeded at humiliating you to very lowest places, I will raise you to the highest level possible, even to My Glory’s crown. If you are willing to surrender to My power, and allow Christ’s mind to work in your heart, you will be able to heal the many deep wounds that you have sustained. When you identify with My Son and cry out, “Father forgive them, for their actions were not right”, you will experience a new dimension and level of My Grace & Glory. You will also receive the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ that your heart longs for.

French intends to expand collaboration and outreach, which have been a hallmark of VCDH for many years. The center assists undergraduate and graduate students in enhancing their scholarship. They also offer workshops and programs as well as teaching materials for teachers of primary and secondary schools to help them integrate digital resources into the curriculum. In conjunction with their Scot French course work, students produced “Rising Up” last spring. This documentary film features footage from the center’s “Civil Rights Television News Archive”, 1950-1970. Two K-12 initiatives, the “Virginia Experiment: Growing Seeds of Democracy in Four Hundred Years of American History” (Perspectives, Identity and Legacy: Democracy in American History Education) will benefit history teachers and curriculums in Roanoke, Virginia.