How PQQ Affects Humans or Animals

For some of the people, this could be a better answer that in some cases medicines and health-related supplements provides great results but in some cases, they need another product with them to provide better results and this is not a problem. The best answers can be provided by the physicians or the pharmacists that are dealing with you for years in the case of drug interaction and the intake of food supplements.

The person can obtain a general idea about the results that his or her after the intake of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Acid powder and this is because of the help of general mechanisms that are done already and noted the results. The person can compare their body and predict that will be the outcome and then can decide the amount of PQQ they have to intake.

They can take advice or can cross-talk with the people who are present in the cell- signaling pathways which help in controlling the cellular functions performed by the powder. Even the enzyme cofactor has the ability to interact with the enzymes that are present in the PQQ and know about the each enzyme like what they do and how they work or function.

The effects that are caused on the cell’s growth and also on the mitochondria that are generated newly because of the PQQ

The powder produces a by-product with the normal functioning of mitochondria and the product that is formed can be sometimes a damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS). If these damaged reactive oxygen species are present in the body of someone then can cause issues that are related to the damage of mitochondria DNA.

These damaged DNA affects the energy level of the body and makes the person unfit for any task and the person gets tired by working for few minutes. The mitochondria damage can cause death of cells that are completely dependent on them. Sometimes the apoptosis of the cells can be also caused because of the spoiling of mitochondria.  There are many cells that mitigate different strategies on a daily basis to avoid the problems of turnover of mitochondria.

How PQQ Affects Humans or Animals

Damage of mitochondria can be very dangerous as it replicates very fast in the human body and can lead to serious issues as compared to the animals as their mitochondria replicate in one and a half to three days which can be beneficial in this case. It affects the liver as well as the immature brain cells in it. In a general way, the requirement of the turnover of mitochondria like Resveratrol which you can check at  is important and they need to deal nicely.


The excess or improper intake of PQQ can be dangerous as it affects the mitochondria of the body leading to issues related to liver, body performance, and the functionality of brains.