How CBD Flower Can be Consumed – Smoking or Vaping?

Using of CBD flower for a beginner may be a little confusing. Even those who have been consuming CBD for long can also learn few things by understanding the right ingestion method.

CBD flower

It is a cannabis sativa flower, which contains THC of less than 0.3%. Cannabis sativa can be considered dominant among 8 major cannabinoids that includes:

  • Cannabigerol
  • Cannabinol
  • Cannabichromene

You can grow CBD flower both indoors or outdoors, however those grown indoors will offer substantially increased potency and quality.

Few indoor CBD flower may contain more than 25% CBD, that means, they rival the top-shelf THC-rich type of cannabis sativa flower in pure cannabinoid potency.

Mostly CBD-rich hemp may take around 4 weeks to grow into their full size, after that further 8 to 9 weeks to become flower. After they reach peak potency, the CBD flowers are harvested and then dried, and kept in any air-tight containers to cure.

During this point, it is ready for consumption.

How CBD flower is consumed?

Following are 3 most common ways to ingest CBD flowers.

  1. Vaping

Many of you may not like to put CBD smoke into your lungs. Though CBD flowers are grown in an organic way, but they do not contain any kind of harmful contaminants, but after all inhaling smoke often can be quite harmful to health.

By vaping CBD flower or CBD vape juice, your lungs will feel better than smoke and also flower will be more effective as compared to smoking it.

Vaping can also preserve terpenes and flavonoids which provide unique flavor of CBD flower. To vape this flower, you may pack a bowl within dry herb vaporizer to bring or you may invest in more advanced vape that will provide thicker clouds.

  1. Smoking

Also, smoking CBD is a very popular way of using CBD flower. Though they may have THC less than 0.3%, you can also smoke CBD buds almost like any other cannabis forms.

There can be significant difference between qualities of smoke offered by different CBD bud types.

CBD buds which were grown in the outdoors, however, may not taste better and outdoor bud has usually lower cannabinoid concentrations.

  1. Eating

CBD flowers can be eaten only under certain special circumstances. It is certainly not recommended that you must eat CBD flower just off the stalk. Also, consuming raw hemp flower is a bad idea even if it has been cured and dried.

Not only will it taste bad, but also cannabinoids will activate only when they will be exposed to heat. Hence, you will not get expected result by eating CBD flower raw condition.

CBD hemp flower can be eaten when it is cooked or heated to extent that cannabinoids that present have been activated properly.

Most effective way of eating CBD flower will be to cook the hemp buds into any oil, butter, or something similar substance which you can use while making food.

In order to avoid burning the buds, simmer the concoction on the low heat, by keeping strainer in hand for removing cooked plant matter, having your hemp cooked to perfection.