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Computer viruses, malware, spyware, and adware are present almost everywhere on the internet and every kind of soft data. Hackers and identity are found almost everywhere and growing in numbers. These people thrive on stealing credit card or bank information to steal money.

A security solution and virus protection have become a very basic necessity for every person who active online. McAfee is a pioneer in this field, developing necessary software and solution for people and companies all over the world.

McAfee products are not like just another antivirus, the company has always tried to build its own identity over the last 30 years since inception.

mcafee features

System Scan

Every Antivirus provides a virus scan feature to its software dashboard, which you can you as per your requirements. You can use your McAfee antivirus to scan for threats in your system and you can even perform local searches. You can use McAfee scan feature in three very distinct and useful ways.

You can use the tool to perform a total system scan. Let McAfee take control of the virus scan and search throughout your local data to find threats like viruses and malware present on your system. You can also location search specific locations too.

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Local Scan

On McAfee, you can choose to scan a specific file or certain locations you feel threats or questionable files might be present. The local search feature cuts down the scan time and performs a more in-depth search of the file or location.

The McAfee antivirus also allows you to scan flash storage devices before use. If auto scan feature is not enabled, you can simply use the feature to scan any connected external storage device for viruses and threats and keep your system safe.

Flash storage devices like pen drives are often used on public computers so are more vulnerable to having unwanted programs and data.

Cross-Platform Security

McAfee when synchronized properly, can protect all your devices together. One McAfee antivirus package can protect your PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Download the required apps from the Google play store and connect your devices to your McAfee account to secure your devices with McAfee antivirus. Scan your android device with McAfee antivirus on the go to keep harmful data filtered. The smartphone plugin also scans emails from the phone when called upon and checks for viruses or malware.


McAfee is also a handy software when talking about security. You can sort sensitive data present on your local storage.

You can move them to the secure vault (provided by McAfee) and keep them protected. Files in your vault are kept hidden and only you call upon them by going through the necessary authentication.

You can also use McAfee to backup sensitive data on your device to the available McAfee cloud to protect from loss and theft. The backed up documents are easily accessible anytime directly onto your device.

Cost Effective

McAfee antivirus is subscription-based software. Each edition of McAfee antivirus gives support with updates and fixes for a year with options for renewal.

You can renew your McAfee antivirus to the latest version when the subscription expires at a much lower price than purchasing a new copy. McAfee is also available in digital download option which is always priced lower than the offline CDs or DVDs.

When choosing a product for internet security and virus protection, you can easily trust and use McAfee, as the software is stable and not data hungry. Install McAfee on your system today get trustworthy total security solution.

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