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McAfee is a leading brand of antivirus and other security solution around the world. The company provides protection from malicious programs and application present all over the internet and unknown external storage devices.

McAfee can be integrated with different devices you own using one single account. Even though the software is a world leader in virus protection, like all other software it too has problems from time to time. Below listed are the most common problems with McAfee antivirus and internet security. If you require any further assistance, you can simply reach out to us.

mcafee supportMcAfee Updates

Every software today is in direct communication with the servers collecting and sending data packages back and forth for better operation. The software on your device secures the system from threats but unknown malicious programs can still cause problems. Every day there are new types of malicious programs developed to steal data and intrude into your system.

The logs and data packages from different users around the world provide details about recent changes in the market. The developers release updates almost every month to keep your antivirus up to date with the recent threats and malware around the web.

You should always try to keep your McAfee antivirus updated at all times to avoid problems and malware.


The company sells their products on a subscription-based module. Each year McAfee releases a newer edition for use. Each version gives support for a year i.e you receive updates and bug fixes for one calendar year from date of installation.

If you do not renew your subscription to McAfee, you’ll stop receiving updates about recently developed viruses and malicious programs leaving your PC and other connected devices vulnerable to threats. It recommended that you keep the software updated and renewed at all time to keep your devices secure.

Internet settings

As mentioned above, McAfee receives constant updates and bug fixes from the servers. If you are facing problems when trying to update your antivirus it can be a problem with your Internet settings. Such problems can happen for Firewall restrictions all are your Internet settings are not properly configured.

To check whether an Internet connection is configured properly,  you will need to access the Internet protocol settings from your control panel. To check Internet protocol settings follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Start button
  • Type in IPV4 and select the top result.
    Your Internet Protocol settings window will be opened.
  • Select IPV4 settings
  • Check and enter the details provided by your internet service provider
  • Save and continue.


McAfee antivirus is accompanied by an inbuilt firewall service. The firewall is the first tool that scans and understand the program in execution and the nature of it. If the Firewall thinks a certain file is malicious it immediately stops the ongoing process and notifies the user of further instructions. Newly installed games and software are often marked by the firewall and hinder the process. Open the McAfee antivirus dashboard and add these applications to exceptions of the Firewall.

Account related and Backup

Your McAfee antivirus provides options for safekeeping your important data. You can backup your data to the cloud storage option from McAfee.

To access these data you need the McAfee user id and password. If you are facing problems when trying to access these data it may be for password or id mismatch. You should double check to make sure and try resetting the password if you can’t remember or have lost it.

Like every software and application, McAfee to has its little problems but that does not make the product bad. Such issues will be present in every antivirus and software so there is no reason to worry. McAfee is a world-leading antivirus brand.

If the above easy fixes have not helped, maybe your problem is a little more complicated and that is why our toll-free number is there always for you to avail easy solutions.

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